PIONEER – Smart Sync

PIONEER – Smart Sync

Engine Film
Mackenzie Sheppard

Can you imagine driving without listening to music? It’s possible but would you do that?! A proper music is the added value to the driving experience. And when you mix it with the freshest technology the magic can happen. And some while ago Engine films invited us to be part of an amazing project for Pioneer Smart Sync, where the classy past meets the upcoming future. Sound on!
This is the director’s cut.

  • Client

    • Pioneer
  • Director

    • Mackenzie Sheppard
  • DOP

    • Ivan Kovac
  • Production Studio

    • Engine Film
  • Postproduction Studio

    • Juice
  • Executive Producer

    • Michał Dwojak-Hara
  • Producer

    • Tatsuya Shimada
  • Art Director

    • Rafał Gosieniecki
  • VFX/CG Supervisor

    • Tomotaka Yokoo
  • Concept Artist

    • Rafał Gosieniecki
  • Modeling/Lightning/Rendering Artists

    • Tomotaka Yokoo
    • Robert Sundelin
  • Assets Artist

    • Piotr Koczan
  • Animation Artist

    • Branko Brkovic
  • FX Artist

    • Paweł Pojedynek
  • Compositing Artists

    • Tomotaka Yokoo
    • Szymon Jaskuła
    • Paweł Białowąs
    • Przemysław Czapla
    • Robert Sundelin
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