PEUGEOT 301 Laboratory

PEUGEOT 301 Laboratory

Havas Beijing
Made in China Film
Olivier Gondry

Launching Peugeot 301 in the Asian market with a Gondry as a director was pretty awesome. We were the lucky ones to be a part of this productive cooperation between Peugeot, Olivier and Havas Beijing. Aaaand it is not really a surprise that the car and a (part of) laboratory was created in Wrocław.

  • Client

    • Peugeot China
  • Agency

    • Havas Beijing
  • Production house

    • Made in China Film
  • Director

    • Olivier Gondry
  • Producer

    • Lanny Dong
  • Postproduction Studio

    • Juice
  • Postproduction Support

    • Bunker FX
  • Executive Producer

    • Michał Dwojak - Hara
  • Producer

    • Bartek "Spaso" Spasowski
  • Compositing Artists

    • Paweł Białowąs
    • Szymon Jaskuła
    • Mateusz Kukła
    • Grzegorz Pająk
    • Krzysztof Pucuła
  • Online Artist

    • Szymon Jaskuła
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