MITSUBISHI Outlander Sport

MITSUBISHI Outlander Sport

Eric Will

Mitsubishi Outlander is quite an impressive piece of engineering with its 2.4L Mivec engine. What`s even more impressive is our sixty-second long ad featuring state of the art CGI animation and some seriously energizing violin music from 2AM Music Studio.

  • Director

    • Eric Will
  • Art Director

    • Michał Misiński
  • VFX Supervisor

    • Błażej KowalskiSimulation Artists
  • Modeling Artist

    • Piotr Koczan
  • Rendering Artists

    • Piotr Koczan
    • Jarosław Handrysik
  • Tracking/Shading Artist

    • Jarosław Handrysik
  • Compositing Artists

    • Piotr Koczan
    • Łukasz Stolarski
  • Masking/Rotoscopy Artist

    • Magdalena Samosiej
  • TD

    • Błażej Kowalski
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