BMW – Factory

BMW – Factory

Alessandro Pacciani

425 horsepower, 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and 7:52 Nürburgring lap time speaks for itself. A unique car with unique performance. In order to highlight all of its beauty the team decided to place the vehicle in a very industrial environment. After filming the machine on a race track – specially prepared and set up for the shoot – the entire location was recreated to make it look like a very large refinery. Extremely detailed surroundings with the number of lights momentarily reaching tens of thousands.

The goal was to seamlessly blend the footage with carefully generated night scenario, sparingly lit by a foggy lighting. To create the mysterious, slightly dark mood of Nowhere City without losing the realism and distracting the viewer from the main attraction. The 90 seconds long ad – simply named “Factory Trailer” – achieves no less than that, emphasizing the predatory and aggressive nature of the car.

  • Director

    • Alessandro Pacciani
  • Postproduction Studio

    • Juice
  • VFX Supervisor

    • Jakub Knapik
  • Producer

    • Natalia Lasota
  • Art Directors

    • Jakub Knapik
    • Michal Misiński
  • Compositing Artists

    • Jakub Knapik
    • Arkadiusz Leszko
  • 3D Artists

    • Łukasz Dziedziński
    • Michał Gościniak
    • Jakub Knapik
    • Arkadiusz Leszko
    • Daniel Niszczota
    • Mateusz Polechoński
    • Artur Szymczak
  • Concept Artist

    • Michał Misiński
  • Matte Painting Artists

    • Wojtek Magierski
    • Michał Misiński
    • Daniel Niszczota
  • FX Artist

    • Piotr Suchodolski
  • Compositing Support

    • Sylvester Lipiński
    • Krzysztof Łucki
  • IT

    • Tomek Kruszona
  • Sound Design & Mix

    • Source Sound Inc.L.A
  • Supervising Sound Designer & Mixer

    • Charles Deenen
  • Sound Designer

    • Csaba Wagner
  • Sound Editor

    • Braden Parkes
  • Car Recordists

    • John Fasal & Charles Deenen
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