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Charlotte Sieling

Let’s dive into the history of Queen Margrete, the most powerful regent in Scandinavian chronicles.
It's 1402. Margrete is ruling Sweden, Norway, and Denmark through her adopted son, Erik. But a conspiracy is in the making and she finds herself in an impossible and heart-wrenching dilemma that could shatter her life’s work: the Kalmar Union. The highly anticipated large-scale period drama is produced by SF Studios producers Birgitte Skov and Lars Bredo Rahbek and directed by acclaimed director Charlotte Sieling. Starring Trine Dyrholm in the lead as Margrete the First.

We were working on the set extension and expanding the Middle Ages scenery. Although Juice brought to life the numerous locations in this story, we are the proudest of Kalmar Castle. The medieval stronghold was based on the mix of historical truth and the director's vision. You can relish it in several different plans and points of view, from broad establishing shots to closer plans. Have a look at the scenes of a duel on the bridge, the views of the seashore, and the village at the foot of the castle.

Go watch it as soon as Margrete – Queen of the North enters the European cinemas and lookout for a pirate bay location. It was originally shot in the quarry that needed to be opened, that's why we transformed it with the help of our VFX craft into the harbor by the open sea, ahoy!

We were the main VFX supplier, delivering a summary of the 120 shots, led by the supervisor from SF Studios.
Premiere: 2021

  • Production Studio

    • SF Studios
  • Producers

    • Birgitte Skov
    • Lars Bredo Rahbek
  • Director

    • Charlotte Sieling
  • Script

    • Charlotte Sieling
    • Jesper Fink
    • Maya Ilsøe
  • Cast

    • Trine Dyrholm
    • Søren Malling
    • Morten Hee Andersen
    • Jakob Oftebro
  • Postproduction

    • Juice
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